Biker killed in accident black spot at crossroads

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By Edenbridge Courier | Friday, February 01, 2013, 08:00

CAMPAIGNERS in Four Elms are demanding action after a motorcyclist died in a crash on a dangerous crossroads on Sunday.

The 41-year-old biker, from Sevenoaks, died after a collision with a black BMW car at the junction of Four Elms Road and Pootings Road.

A 52-year-old man from north London was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and was bailed until May 16.

But residents are now calling for safety measures at the crossroads – something they say they have long campaigned for.

Gary Belcher, joint owner of the Four Elms Filling Station garage, in Four Elms Road, was one of the first on the scene on Sunday.

He said: "It's just so sad and our thoughts go out to his family.

"There's been a problem with this road for years and unfortunately it's taken this young man's life.

"Something serious has to be done this time or it will just happen again and again."

Arnold Kingston, 75, of Ide Hill Road, said: "I've been here since 1970 and this has always been a very dangerous section.

"There's been so many collisions there over the years – I can't even begin to guess how many but if I were to say one per month I'd probably be under-egging the pudding.

"It's a very straight road going through the village and with the best will in the world people can miss the 30mph signs, then there are some who aren't interested in the speed limit and just pile through.

"If someone misses the crossroads then these collisions occur. It's a terrible situation and something needs to be done."

Four Elms Road residents Audrey Batchelor, 52, said: "It's just so bad, it's a tragedy and we've been campaigning for road safety measures there for years.

"It was just an accident waiting to happen, it's awful. These are people's lives we're talking about – it's just so sad. Something has got to be done – it's a death trap.

"Cars come down here so fast and as soon as the road was reopened on Sunday they were speeding along just the same. It's ridiculous."

Edenbridge's Kent County Councillor Peter Lake said safety measures were set to be installed at the black spot but admitted it was taking longer than he had hoped – and that they were not what he ideally wanted.

A series of measures, amounting to £27,000 worth of work should be installed by early in the financial year.

They will include more speed limit signs on the main road and Pootings Road, bend warnings, road signs and edge markers and changes to the road markings on the Edenbridge side of the crossroads.

The measures will also include electronic signs highlighting when vehicles are approaching from side roads.

Mr Lake said he was keen to have a mini-roundabout installed but Kent Highways said it could not fit one in.

"What happened on Sunday is an absolute tragedy," said Mr Lake.

"We've drawn up plans for the safety measures but it's taking time. I would personally have preferred a mini roundabout to go in there."



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    15 days on and another crash at the crossroads hitting the wall exactly where flowers and tributes had been left....... This isn't just a matter of driving standards, as too many drivers miss the numerous signs when approaching from the south side of the crossroads and until speed bumps or traffic lights are installed, this will happen time and time again!

    By FourElmsResid at 22:52 on 12/02/13

  • Profile image for BSR9797

    Totally agree. There is a growing section of society who are too stupid to know or too arrogant to care, inflicting their selfish actions on the rest of us. This manifests itself in numerous situations, no more dangerous than the way they drive. When you see somebody driving at 80 miles per hour in the fast lane of the M25 while texting ... yes texting! ... then you really beginning to understand how brain-dead humans can be.

    And what is equally depressing is that these ignorant morons get away with it, cameras don't detect the offence and there are fewer and fewer police on the roads to put a stop to it.

    Nothing amazes me anymore in a world of egocentric self gratification, people living in vicious bubbles and to hell with the rest of us. Respect and consideration for others are dying traits, lost in a cesspit of indulgence and retarded stupidity.

    By BSR9797 at 02:06 on 02/02/13

  • Profile image for scotken

    I am sick and tired of very poor motorists blaming roads for accidents, it is people that cause accidents. The road does not get up all of a sudden and whack people.

    The standard of the motorists has really dropped in the last ten to fifteen years. I travel the M25 in both directions at weekends and the motoring is appalling it is only by luck and certainly not judgement that the lanes are not littered with wrecks at weekends.

    This really bad state of affairs on the roads is only going to get worse as police, who vanished from every where else, absent themselves from road duties now.

    What the answer is is any ones guess but please do not blame inanimate objects.

    By scotken at 12:43 on 01/02/13

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